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Our uniform and natural logs can be used for both residential and commercial applications. A few things that we are known for regarding our uniform logs:

  • the hand peeled finish
  • long length capability
  • the structural grading of our Cedar logs

Here is a list of ideas on how these can be used either in decor or structurally:

  • trusses
  • purlins
  • joists
  • posts
  • headers
  • shade structures
  • ridges
  • railing
  • girders
  • carports
  • entrances
  • trim
  • mantles
  • furniture
  • benches
  • landscape
  • etc....and whatever else you can think of!

Log Structural Grading (options)

Appearance grade (standard), "TP SRT #1" & "TP SRT #2" (optional)

Natural Logs

We also produce natural logs. These logs are tapered and the size callout is the small end called the "tip". On the average, Cedar logs get 1" bigger every 6 to 8 per lineal ft, whereas, Doug Fir and Pine get 1' bigger every 10 to 12' per lineal foot.

Log Species

Incense Cedar (our specialty), Douglas Fir, Ponderosa Pine

LOG DIAMETER SIZES (at tip or small end)

8" to 20"


Up to 20' (standard) with the ability to make up to 32' long in Cedar and 45' in Douglas Fir and Pine

Log Structural Grading (options)

Appearance grade (standard), "TP SRT #1" & "TP SRT #2" (optional)

Timber Products Tech Guide
Timber Products Tech Guide - all logs can be structurally graded using Timber Products grading standards