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When choosing to use our design & engineering services for your shade structure, we always start a project by developing a 3D model of the structure. The process of have the structure engineered depends upon the size, whether you are going to obtain a building permit or whether you have a desire to spend the money. Custom design makes your shade structure look the way you want it to, structural engineering (to your sites requirements) insures that your structure will resist the elements year after year.

Our plans are always broken down into design, engineering and the building plans. Even though it looks like shade structure plans are complicated they really are not when you are doing small yard based projects.

We develop the barn layout from ground up based upon your use and style requirements. Then we model the type of barn you desire such as a Monitor, Gambrel, Ranch, etc. The process produces 3D photo realistic images that we share with you. We also create 2D drafting images (line drawings) of the elevations and layout for your complete understanding of what your barn looks like and how it is laid out.

We start the design process with "design retainer" fee that is credited towards to the engineered set of plans. The actual fee is based upon the size and intensity of the design desired, it ranges from $100 to $3500. The actual fee for your project will be listed on your proposal.

Below are sample 3D photo realistic design images (the Ozco image is a link to their project page):
Ozco plans page

Engineering the shade structure for your site specific requirements of roof snow load, wind load and seismic load is critical for the shade structure to stand and be safe for the long run. Especially when the shade structure is going to be used for social venues. Our engineer (who is a registered engineer in your state) performs the engineering from the foundation to the roof creating a booklet of calculations. Elements of the booklet are transferred into the plans so the plans reflects the engineering requirements and then then the engineer stamps and stands behind the plans. The plans and the the booklet are then submitted into your county jurisdiction for you to obtain your permit.

Your building plans are the conclusion of your shade structure design and the structural engineering. The following is a list of elements (pages) our plans always includes making your plans ready for you to submit into your county to obtain a building permit:
  • Notes - structural & non structural
  • Details - structural & non structural
  • Floor plan layout - all floors
  • Elevations - all (4) sides
  • Cross sections - at least (1)
  • Foundation plan - structural
  • Floor - structural
  • Roof Framing - structural
  • Engineering - structural booklet and stamped for your specific state
  • Blueprinting & printing - blueprinting and shipping during the building permit process always yielding 5 sets & pdf copy
  • Energy calculations - California only and potentially optional for other states
  • Site plan - optional (approximate cost is between $250 to $500)
  • Gas piping plan - optional (approximate cost is between $250 to $500)
Below are sample pages of what our plans look like (they can be as simple as the Ozco sample shown):

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