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Our timbers can be used for both residential and commercial applications. A few things that we are known for regarding our timbers: the hand hewn finish, custom sizes, long length capability and the structural grading of our Cedar Timbers. Here is a list of ideas on how these can be used either in decor or structurally: trusses, purlins, joists, posts, headers, shade structures, ridges, railing, girders, carports, entrances, trim, mantles, furniture, benches, landscape, etc....and whatever else you can think of!

We are a full service timber producer specializing in Cedar timbers.

TIMBER SPECIES - Incense Cedar (our specialty), Douglas Fir, Ponderosa Pine
TIMBER SURFACE - rough sawn (standard), hand hewn, circular sawn (limited to certain sizes), smooth (limited to certain sizes)
TIMBER SIZES (full or standard net sizes) - 1" to 24"
TIMBER LENGTHS - up to 20' (standard) with the ability to make up to 32' long in Cedar and 50' in Doug fir and Pine
TIMBER MODIFICATIONS - channel the timber
TIMBER STRUCTURAL GRADING (options) - appearance grade (standard), "TP PREMIUM" (optional)

timber products inspection services Timber Products Spec Guide - all logs can be structurally graded using Timber Products grading standards