Build Your Custom Log Home with Sierra Log & Timber

At Sierra Log & Timber, we facilitate the custom home building process for our customers from beginning to end. Our service is known for being the most personal with the best value.


Ultimate flexibility and customization—this is your custom home.


Our standard process of designing and packaging your log or timber home is based on your personal, architectural, budget, and site requirements. Simply stated, we custom design your home, the log or timber components, the structural platforms, and the building material package to your exact requirements.

Building your dream custom log or timber home all starts with a conversation.
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What's Included in My Custom Log Home Package?

Building materials & design services bundled together for your log or timber home are called a “package” or a “kit” (they are the same thing). Your California log home package can be a bundle described by the following three categories:


  1. DESIGN & ENGINEERING (Plans Package) - Custom home design and the creation of an engineered set of building plans

  2. BUILDING PRODUCTS WE MANUFACTURE (Base Log/Timber Package) - Wall & gable logs, sidings, post, headers, rail, etc.

  3. BUILDING PRODUCTS WE DISTRIBUTE (Dry-In Package) - Sundries, hardware, conventional framing materials, etc.


Products we manufacture are the foundation for every package we sell. Design, engineering, and other building materials do not have to be purchased from us. The reason we offer and usually provide these components is to yield you better budget control, more efficient project development, and a more enjoyable experience for the complex process of building a custom home.


Breakdown of Your Log/Timber Home Package

Your log or timber home package will be customized and unique to you, with its contents itemized in a "Log or Timber Home Proposal” tailored to your specific requirements. For example, because we offer a number of different types of wall systems including SIP (structural insulated panels) and conventional wall framing, your package will contain specific building materials. Click on the categories below for a detailed breakdown.

Key Features of Your Sierra Log & Timber Custom Home Package


Our goal is our clients' satisfaction and peace of mind. We offer all of our clients good, solid, realistic guarantee and warrantee programs so you can move forward with confidence.

  • PRODUCTION GUARANTEE - This is a satisfaction guarantee promise that you are happy with what we have produced and what you have received.

  • STRUCTURAL GRADE & SPECIES GUARANTEE - This relates to the structural grade of the wood promised. Because we are a TPI grading subscriber, the wood will be stamped with its appropriate species and grade as called out either by the plans or the "Log or Timber Home Proposal" agreement.