Dedicated Customer Service from Sierra Log & Timber

Shade structures of all types, sizes, and uses are more robust when built with our custom logs and timbers. Whether it be for residential or commercial use, our shade structures and decks define the ultimate in outdoor experiences. 

Partnering with Ozco ornamental hardware makes it all more awesome! Thanks to the Ozco plans database, our shade & deck plans gallery is a good place to start gathering ideas. Whether you choose one of our designs or bring us a concept, we custom design your project from ground up and make it visually feel real using 3D photo realistic modeling.


From simple backyard gazebos and decks to elaborate commercial shade structures, our team at Sierra Log & Timber creates beautiful custom kits designed to the exact specifications of our customers.

Many of the jobs we take on are backyard projects that require simply a sketch or a discussion of size, look, and a parts list. Our relationship with OZCO ornamental hardware makes this process easy, fun, and beautiful. We offer a range of OZCO Project Plans available through our plans database or directly on their website to assist in your idea. OZCO creates beautiful 3D & 2D mock-ups and provides thorough parts lists containing specifications of all the wood and hardware needed to complete each project.


Our California log & timber cabin packages company offers a full display of the OZCO line in our Design Studio/Store, as well as a full line of OZCO hardware. Sierra Log & Timber also stocks the Simpson brand of outdoor hardware, as well as providing custom hardware design and fabrication services. Don't forget, we can supply and/or design the fencing, gate, and other elements to compliment any given project.

We'll provide you with a custom quote when you call Sierra Log & Timber regarding your building project!


What Is Included in My Custom Shade Structure Package?

Depending on how elaborate your shade structure or deck is, we can bundle the building materials & design services together and create a timber or log shade structure “package” for you. Your package can be a bundle described by the following three categories:


  1. DESIGN & ENGINEERING (Plans Package) - Custom shade structure design and the creation of an engineered set of building plans

  2. BUILDING PRODUCTS WE MANUFACTURE (Base Log/Timber Package) - Logs, timbers, sidings, post, headers, rail, etc.

  3. BUILDING PRODUCTS WE DISTRIBUTE (Dry-In Package) - Sundries, hardware, conventional framing materials, etc.


The products we manufacture here at Sierra Log & Timber are the foundation for each California log or timber shade structure package we sell. Design, engineering, and other building materials do not have to be purchased from us, but we offer and usually provide these components so our customers have better budget control, more efficient project development, and a more enjoyable experience during the often complex building process!

Breakdown of Your Log/Timber Shade Structure Package

The package is always broken down into the three categories described above: Design & Engineering, Products We Manufacture, and Products We Distribute. Your actual package of building materials and services will be itemized in a "Log or Timber Shade Structure Proposal" custom generated for you to your specific requirements. We’ll break down the contents of your Oregon log shade structure kit below.


Our goal is our clients' satisfaction and peace of mind. We offer all of our clients good, solid, realistic guarantee and warrantee programs so you can move forward with confidence.

  • PRODUCTION GUARANTEE - This is a satisfaction guarantee promise that you are happy with what we have produced and what you have received.

  • STRUCTURAL GRADE & SPECIES GUARANTEE - This relates to the structural grade of the wood promised. Because we are a TPI grading subscriber, the wood will be stamped with its appropriate species and grade as called out either by the plans or the "Log or Timber Home Proposal" agreement.