Sierra Log & Timber

7 Reasons to Choose a Cedar Log or Timber Home

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

At Sierra Log & Timber, we passionately believe that every home project is the dream of a lifetime. Built on quality and innovation, our California log home packages are each designed to achieve the finest beauty and value possible. Boasting our strength in red cedar products, we truly believe our home packages stand alone over other conventional or log home building options. If you’re considering choosing a log or timber home, check out some of the reasons we love them, and why we feel pretty certain you will too.

1. Red Cedar has long-lasting value - With proper care and maintenance, a red cedar log or timber home can last for well over a hundred years. If you’re looking for an investment that will last generations, you won’t find one better than this.

2. Incorporate seamlessly into their environment - Log & timber homes naturally integrate into their environment. Due to the many styles and shapes offered, log & timber homes can fit into many different scenic environments from ranches to mountains to water frontage. We have the look to fit your land.

3. Fast building process - Using our proprietorship “smart cut” log kit packages, the shell of your home can be erected on site much faster than a conventional stick framing, getting you into log home living that much faster.

4. Warmth & beauty of wood - Unlike sheetrock, log or timber walls carry the beauty of nature and the comfort and warmth of your favorite coat. There is nothing like log or timber home living! It is a “lifestyle” all its own: Bold, unique, warm & beautiful!

5. Energy efficiency - Because log and timber homes are solid walls, the wood has what is known as “thermal mass”—a natural property that allows log walls to block heat and cold from either getting into or leaving the home. Log and timber homes can easily be up to 50% more efficient in fuel consumption during winter and summer months thus saving you allot of money annually. Most importantly, the comfort of living is second to none because the temperature inside the home is much more stable than that of a conventional home.

6. More soundproof - Thanks to the sound-deadening effect of thick wood walls, log cabins are significantly better at tuning out external noise, contributing to an atmosphere of peace and rustic charm.

7. Superior craftsmanship - While there are a fair share of beautifully constructed conventional custom homes, their craftsmanship is typically limited to trim and millwork. Log homes, on the other hand, can be a display of artistry and craft at every turn. From beautifully crafted staircases to hand hewn timber beams and unique light fixtures, log and timber homes have some of the greatest capacity for beautiful, one-of-a-kind craftsmanship among housing options. Why not infuse your home with all the artistry, rugged beauty, and rustic appeal that a log and timber home offers?