Custom Log & Timber Manufactured Products

Sierra Log & Timber offers a broad range of specialty products for our customers. Our timbers can be used for both residential and commercial applications. Our timbers are known for a distinctive and beautiful hand-hewn finish, custom sizing, long length capability, and the structural grading of our cedar timber line. You can use these timbers in a variety of ways both structural and decorative—including as trusses, purlins, joists, posts, headers, shade structures, ridges, railing, girders, carports, entrances, trim, mantles, furniture, benches, landscape, etc.—whatever else you can think of!


We are a full-service timber producer specializing in cedar timbers. The affordability of our red cedar means we can provide our custom Oregon log home kits at competitive prices. Call us to learn more about our specialty log and timber manufactured products.

TIMBER SPECIES - Incense Cedar (our specialty), Douglas Fir, Ponderosa Pine
TIMBER SURFACE - Rough sawn (standard), hand hewn, circular sawn (limited to certain sizes), smooth (limited to certain sizes)

TIMBER SIZES (full or standard net sizes) - 1" to 24"
TIMBER LENGTHS - Up to 20' (standard) with the ability to make up to 32' long in Cedar and 50' in Douglas fir and Pine
TIMBER MODIFICATIONS - Channel the timber
TIMBER STRUCTURAL GRADING (options) - Appearance grade (standard), "TP PREMIUM" (optional)

Timber Products Spec Guide - All wall logs are graded using Timber Products grading standard.

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